9F 5 Inch 92046


BR Standard Class 9F 5 Inch 92046


This locomotive was bought by the current owner as a “running engine” from a trader of model locomotives.

9F 5Inch

This however wasn’t the case, the regulator would not work (stayed open), injectors would not work and safety valves wouldn’t hold 15psi. Plus a number of other steam leaks. The engine had also been spray painted without being taken apart first.

The boiler was removed to give access to remove the superheaters and regulator assembly. This was repaired. Some pipe work was replaced, the injector clacks altered and the steam leaks taken care of. Safety valves replaced completely.

The engine is now a reliable performer, with plenty of power and very free steaming..

“What else would you expect from a 9f?”


Testimonial of work

Testimonial of BR Standard Class 9F 5″ - Testimonial of BR Standard Class 9F 5"   I’ve known Ben for a few years now, it’s a friendship founded in a common appreciation of engineering, and in particular of steam locomotives. I would be the first person to admit that I’m a stickler and expect work to be of the highest calibre, and anyone… Continue reading this testimonial...



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