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9F 5Inch

9F 5 Inch 92046

BR Standard Class 9F 5 Inch 92046 This locomotive was bought by the current owner as a "running engine" from ...
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Simplex 5Inch

Simplex 5 Inch

Simplex 5 Inch This engines boiler had failed and had resided on a sideboard for 3 years. The top half ...
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5" LNER A3 "Flying Scotsman"

LNER A3 “Flying Scotsman” 5 Inch

LNER A3 "Flying Scotsman" 5 Inch This engine was bought as a "running engine".. which it did, but not so ...
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Stanier 2-6-4 3 1/2"

Stanier 2-6-4 | 3 1/2 Inch

Stanier 2-6-4 | 3 1/2 Inch This little tank engine came in to be "tidied up". The smokebox was repainted, ...
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5” gauge 5xp “Falkland islands”.

5 Inch gauge 5xp “Falkland islands”

5 Inch gauge 5xp “Falkland islands” Built to the Tony Allcock design, not many about. The locomotive came in for ...
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Kingscale 14xx 5 Inch

Kingscale 15xx 5 Inch Here are two of the Kingscale 14xx in 5 inch gauge. Both underwent some upgrading and ...
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