Testimonial of BR Standard Class 9F 5″

Testimonial of BR Standard Class 9F 5″


I’ve known Ben for a few years now, it’s a friendship founded in a common appreciation of engineering, and in particular of steam locomotives. I would be the first person to admit that I’m a stickler and expect work to be of the highest calibre, and anyone who undertakes work for me must be capable of meeting that primary requirement. This is even more true when it concerns my ‘pride and joy’, a 5” gauge 9F locomotive. I’ve found Ben to be a confident and capable model engineer, who will ask all the right questions and do the job to a standard that anyone would be happy with. I tasked him with sorting a number of issues with my locomotive, namely a stiff and sticking regulator, and safety valves that would be classed as anything but safe! The work was completed in a timely fashion, with regular updates and photographic evidence. He is also more than amenable to dropping in to review the progress, and steal the odd ‘Hob Nob’ with a fresh cuppa.

David Dunphy, Warrington

Visit the showcase page of the BR Stanard Class 9F 5 Inch


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