Testimonial of 5 inch “Black 5” Crank Pin Replacements and Reset

Testimonial of 5″ Black 5 Crank Pin Replacements and Reset


Well another Brilliant job by BP Loco Works. Ben remade my crank pins set valve timing for my 5″ Black 5. Last time he worked out my blast pipe was way to high and wide – also made new pistons and rings. I think Ben is the top of his Game it’s a 103 miles each way but so worth it. His skill comes shining through to see how thorough he is. Stayed whilst he set wheels up on face plate with special measuring instruments using trigonometry. I cannot recommend anyone else near his skills. Massive thank you for such great work, very pleased to have found you!

Ron Hancock, Tamworth


All done in a day…5" black 5 main crank pin replacements and return cranks repaired and reset.Someone had done a…

Posted by BP Locomotive Works on Thursday, 30 November 2017

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