Testimonial of LNER A3 “Flying Scotsman” 5 Inch from owner Paul Caldwell

Testimonial of LNER A3 “Flying Scotsman” 5 Inch


Ben took my engine for a complete overhaul with a directive to make it easier to run. The backhead looked beautiful but was totally impractical for running. He stripped the engine and kept me informed at all stages of the re-build with pictures and comments. We had several discussions during the process and achieved a great result. Ben came to test run the engine twice as we did experience some issues with the linkage for the inner cylinder but he fettled it. Since returning the engine I have run it on numerous occasions and have even experimented with installing a fire arch which has proved a worthwhile addition. It is such a bonus to have Ben as an ear to listen to my other engine problems. He has since given me guidance on several issues and has made new safety valves for my Duchess. There is a simple question to answer when doing a testimonial for someone. Would I use his services again? Definitely. He has become a good friend also and gets the occasional invite to tea when passing.

Paul Caldwell, Widnes

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